Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My Yorkie's are my babies since my children have yet to give me grandchildren. I talk to them like they are little kids, hence the name Liddle Kiddle's. Pebble's, Rock, Granite and Jewel are their names. I also have a Chihuahua that thinks she is a Yorky and her name is Tinkerbell. My children are both in college. My son Zaccary attends Valparaiso Universary in Indiana. He is a Mechanical Engineer Major and just finished his last year of football at Valpo. He is recently married to Elizabeth Cron. My daughter Alexandria attends Hope International University. She plays softball for HIU and is just miles from Disneyland. Life is rough Alex!! My husband is a Mechanical Engineer. Believe it or not, he designs the machines that package the ketchup and other condiments that you get at your local restaurants and fastfood joints. We have been a pair for 31 years and it is wonderful! I am a local Realtor and have been at my office for over 15 years. The So Cal. market is better than it was in 2005, but it is still very slow. If all these "healthy" banks would release their forclosure inventory it would help but since the government is allowing them to "cook the books" I really doubt that I will see massive inventory for a couple more years... I am new to blogging and I hope it is a good experience..


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