Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My worst travel fears #3

I love to travel and really don't have many travel fears, but one concern that I have is "Mother Nature". The weather can play a big part in travel time. If I had an important meeting that I needed to attend, or even an event, the weather would play a big part in my timing. I like to travel early just incase but coming home can be just as an important factor when traveling. I become anxious sometimes and just want to get home as fast as I can. I remember one time sitting in an airplane on the runway at JFK in New York, for more than 4 hours awaiting our turn to take off. We were only number 73 in line on the runway! I didn't realize that their were weather problems while I was waiting to board. That was no fun. I can't control the weather but it is still a concern from time to time. I guess I am very blessed that my concerns are for the most part small!

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