Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wilton Review and Giveaway Plus, Spoil your Family!

In the last few months I have been searching online at to look at all the fabulous items Wilton Cakes has to make some of the cutiest cakes I have ever seen. I first thought that one must be a professional cake decorator to make such beautiful cakes. As I searched their website, I saw that they sell everything an amiture baker/cake decorator would need to make the cakes look like a professional decorated them. I love that they have all the creativity layed out in each picture for each cake mold along with the little trinket type decorations that you can purchase to decorate them. You will also find tips and instruction at Wilton's website for decorating. Witlon has specially trained decorators that have classes for their products and ideas, just check your local craft store to see if their is a class near you. Now for the giveaway. Annette Funnyjello is having a Wilton Cakes Giveaway on her blog at If you would like to look around just go to Witlon Cakes and see all the fun stuff or head on over to Annette Funnyjello and enter to win some Wilton Cake supplie's. You will also find great information on Annette Funnyjello's blog.

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