Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Microdermabrasion At Home. Fraction of the Cost. The Same Results! The Personal Microderm System {Review & Giveaway}

As I am getting older I have noticed that my skin is getting rough and I see my pores getting bigger. I never had acne before but now I have ugly adult acne. Some of my work colleagues have been going to the Dr. and getting laser treatments. I feel so desperate in my appearence to do something other than use more make-up to cover it up. Eventhough I don't say anything to the ladie's in my office that have had the laser procedure, I don't see a possitive result on their skin so I'm affraid to try laser. I have been thinking about an at home microdermabrasion that I could try before I go have something done that I will regret. I found an at home Personal Microderm System that looks awesome and then I found out that Jolly Mom is have a giveaway and one very luck lady(or gentleman) will win a Personal Microderm System. If you would like to purchase one or if you would like more information on the Personal Microderm Sysytem, you can go to http://skincarerx.com/personal-microderm.html or go to http://jollymom.com/.

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