Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas, Lenovo & Dear Crissy!

Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner! I am already preparing myself for Black Friday. This year more than ever I need to pinch pennie's. With the economy and TWO kids in college, I feel really financially stressed!! I mean, I love real estate but right now, it's not loving me back! LOL.. My daughters Dell broke into two pieces. I took it to the Geek Squad and they told me to buy a new one! HAHA! Seriously! LOL! I think I am going to try a different brand of computer when I buy the next one. No Bah-Humbug here! Christmas is about giving wheather it is time, laughter, services or even a gift! Dear Crissy and Lenovo are being very generous this Christmas and are giving one lucky reader a beautiful new Lenovo Laptop IdeaPad! The Lenovo Laptop IdeaPad is thin, light weight and really very pretty! To find out more about This AWESOME giveaway you can go to----->>>> I entered Crissy's Can't wait til Christmas Lenovo Laptop Giveaway and hope to win a $799.00 IdeaPad!

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